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now that i managed to get a bit of premium membership hopefully i can see you animations faster ^^
Sun Dec 28, 2014, 8:22 AM
Awesome animations!
Mon Dec 15, 2014, 11:43 AM
so cool
Mon Nov 17, 2014, 7:04 PM
What if Miss Bianca went out to outer space?
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 10:24 PM
What's up?
Fri Jul 4, 2014, 4:46 PM


Becky Test Feet by PUFFINSTUDIOS
Becky Test Feet
Guy's, there is something i need to bring up it's called "research" very important let me explain. Throughout history in cartoons when ever it comes to animals becoming part human (standing up right and walking on two legs and using their hands and wearing clothes) The way, they are done is four fingers (including thumbs) and three toes. It's being the standard format throughout the history of cartoons except when it comes to humans. Now when humans are drawn, they get the full package five fingers and five toes being done a lot in most cartoons most done in the films. 
The point i'm making here is most cartoon character have a bit more in common with human anatomy then we take for granted.
Take Rebecca Cunningham, the character i recently drawn. She's just how she looked in the T.V show Talespin, but wait your saying something is wrong. Her hands and feet are all wrong, or are they?

Well i did some research, and found out a lot. I looked into bears and found they are close to humans a lot in fact most animals are, built on the same blue print as man and woman. Bears have five fingers and five toes.Which brings me on to this character and picture, throughout our lives artist including me have being using the four finger and three toe format, because it's the golden format when it comes to draw characters like Becky here in most cartoon productions they stuck with that rule, instead of showing everyone a well drawn cartoon character based on the truth of there animal form we get the format that had being given to us, which will lead me on to this.

I'm changing the form in, my art when it comes to redrawing cartoon characters. All redrawn characters will, get proper features done to them the way it should of being done. I want to show a truthful format when it comes to art. Make note of this you will be seeing a lot of characters updated and improved.

So i hope this makes a clear picture of things to come.

Rebecca Cunningham (C) disney
This will be my finale, tribute to this actor and his role as Spock. This actor has done amazing work, and will be missed by all.

planet  :icongurra943:

enterprise used created by :iconthefirstfleet:

drawing of Leonard Nimoy by :iconpuffinstudios: (Me)

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr Spock, dies at 83

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 11:02 AM
I recently heard of the death of the actor Leonard Nimoy who played spock in Star trek.

I remember seeing him once at a Sci-fi convention and waved to him. He waved back and said hi.

He, will be missed. :( (Sad)…

Miss Hopper ( aren't she, a Stinker) by PUFFINSTUDIOS
Miss Hopper ( aren't she, a Stinker)
Once again, T.U.F.F has being invited to schools across america, to get young kids when they grow up to join T.U.F.F. and help save the world (Cough, Cough we already, have a military, airforce and navy for that)
This means two T.U.FF agents get the job...Kitty and Dudley (No surprises, for that) The day before, Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy where going to have there talk with the children in class. There teacher Miss Hopper was going to be out of town and the school decided to contact T.U.F.F  her contact number and where she'd be if there was a problem. But back in the office Kitty and Dudley where fighting again when they got the information and in a miscommunication of sorts, believed Miss Hopper was teaching her class somewhere else.
So that, morning Kitty being drunk the night before and Dudley over sleeping raced to the school where miss Hopper was teaching. When they arrived at her class they burst in without much of a "hi"
rewrote over what she had planned and began to to talk to her class about T.U.F.F. 
Miss Hopper who was shocked tried to stop them, but Kitty and Dudley would not have it. So Miss Hopper let them have it, she sat back on her chair put her feet up and let them talked and throughout Kitty and Dudley talking she just grinned.
It was many hours before Kitty and Dudley stopped talking, before Miss Hopper could speak to which she said to both of them "Thank you, for coming down to my class for today, but there's a problem. This class which you gave your wonderful speech about T.U.F.F to, are all trainee astronauts"
The class was all made up of older men and woman just about to entered into space corp(NASA). They all laughed at the way, how kitty and Dudley tried to explain T.U.F.F, Miss Hopper also admitted she was a former astronaut and a teacher in the space corp and today she had to cover a former teacher.
The day could of ended well expect that Dudley miss took a model Saturn V calling it a giant tooth pick, which Miss Hopper responded by putting a cone that had a letter "D" on Dudley's head.
Kitty was Embarrassed and about what had happened and blamed Dudley for it who was the one who gave her direction, by showing what a fist like object looked like when it punches a head like planet.
That day, no one learnt anything and a every red Kitty took away a knocked out star Dudley back to the city complaining at him all the way...

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr Spock, dies at 83

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 11:02 AM
I recently heard of the death of the actor Leonard Nimoy who played spock in Star trek.

I remember seeing him once at a Sci-fi convention and waved to him. He waved back and said hi.

He, will be missed. :( (Sad)…



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